Wednesday, 10 March 2010


there's a thunder in our

so much hate for the ones we love
tell me we both matter don't we?


  1. No I can't speak Mandarin or Chinese; I'm glad I'm fluent in two languages - English and German, and I know a few pick up lines in French and some Hebrew swear words :-) How about that, Swedish for swear words? :-)
    Thanks for the compliments... I like your new ones too!
    Enjoy China, how long are you gonna stay there?

  2. Oh, you enjoy swear-words? I'm not too found of them actually, although I know a lot of Swedish ones. Apart from that I only speak English and some Spanish, always wanted to learn how to speak French though. But that will be after the Mandarin! :)
    I'll be staying in Kunming, China for a month. Can't believe it myself really.