Wednesday, 23 December 2009

for Jack

I met this one young man recently. At first he only appeared as an icon on some website, which happened to be the profile of some blog called 'Watching The World Through A Lens'. We had both rated Anton Corbijns masterpiece 'Control' as one of our favourite films, and that common opinion had accidentially led him to this blog. We eventually found that we shared a lot more than just our taste in film. After a couple of weeks we discovered through emails and pictures and music that our eyes seemed to view the world in an almost identical way. We kept conversing. He told me of his past and dreams, he let me listen to songs he had written. He even had one written for me, inspired by one of my photographs of a boy playing the violin whom I happened to capture a sunny day in spring this year. He kept telling me the most amazing things.
He told me of his country, about war and history, films he was planning to make, manuscripts and albums he was working on. I told him of my interest in the visual arts, of my passion for decay imagery and Ian Curtis, ideas of future exhibitions and journeys, but mostly I kept finding myself amazed and incredibly inspired by his perspectives and opinions on the world. We've exchanged thoughts for about a month I believe though it feels more like a lifetime by now. I don't think I've ever felt such instant respect and wonderment to a person before. His way of illustrating his mind and soul is probably one of the most beautiful expressions I've ever experienced.


  1. That's a coincidence because I met this young lady recently, also about a month ago, who tenderly chronicles the world through her photography and has this incredibly wise mind that has taught me to see beauty in places I didn't know beauty existed. Thank you Eleonor. x

  2. No, I am the one who owes you a big thank you, so thank YOU!
    For everything, forever.